A newsletter platform that focuses on distribution

There are many newsletter platforms out there. But most of them share one feature: they are trying to become a platform that not only distribute your newsletter, but also keep your readers inside their ecosystem.

This introduces one big risk: it becomes hard to migrate away from them. If your readers find the platform to be comfortable, and you decided to switch to a different newsletter distribution service (for whatever reasons)—you risk losing your readers.

LibrePress is different. We aim to provide a distribution platform only.

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Use your own tools

We get it. You like writing your newsletter in Obsidian, or Neovim. Maybe you write in markdown, or you are wild and use regular text files.

And it drives you nuts that every newsletter platform have their own fancy WYSIWYG text editor. But don't worry, we are just a distribution platform. Give us your markup, and we will send it to your subscribers.

RSS to Email

You have your own blog. And you use RSS. But then, every time you publish a new article, you have to copy-paste it to your newsletter platform.

So annoying! But no more. As a distribution platform only, we rely on existing standards, such as RSS feeds, and do the work for you. You just need to set it up once. And then you can focus on what you like the most: writing.

Own your content

Your content is your asset. Your content is your legacy. Once it's gone, it's gone. When you write content on other platforms, you are no longer in control of it. When the platform goes down, or suspends your account—your content is gone.

As we only distribute your content, you still own the original copies of it.

And much more...

We are in early stages of development. So early, that we collect participants for our alpha version.

We are working on all the necessary features, and we try to listen to our members and understand their needs.

Note: Some features are under heavy development. We are in an early alpha version. The service will be paid, and pricing structure is currently under discussions.